Thursday, October 30, 2014

More Free Korean Literature & Other Stuff

Just wanted to let people know about another set of free Korean literature e-books put out by the great people over at Literature Translation Institute of Korea (LTI). Unlike the last set, which focused on the modern period, this new set has short stories from many contemporary authors. The new group is called "New Writing From Korea" and can be found here.  Included in this new offering are authors such as Park Min-gyuKim AeranKim Insuk and many others. You can find reviews of many of these stories at Charles Montgomery's fantastic ktlit website. In addition, Tony Malone of Tony's Reading List has spent the past year reviewing numerous Korean lit. short stories, novellas and novels.

In other Korean literature news, ASIA Publishers has recently released their newest set of Korean fiction.  You can read about the new set, called K-Fiction here.  Charles has also started reviewing the books from the series at his site.  Here is a link to his review of Park Min-gyu's "Dinner with Buffett".  They have also put out numerous sets of their "Bi-lingual Edition Modern Korean Literature" series, so you should check those out if you haven't.

If that isn't enough for you, Dalkey Archive Press has released another five titles in their Library of Korean Literature Series.  You can read a review of Ch’oe In-ho’s ANOTHER MAN’S CITY over at asymptote journal.  Over at LIT's site, they have information about the 5 new releases and the previous 10, in case you missed them. The books included in this set are: “Pavane for a Dead Princess” by Park Min-gyu, “The Square” by Choi In-hun, “Scenes from the Enlightenment” by Kim Namcheon, “Another Man’s City” by Ch’oe In-ho and “The Republic of Užupis” by Haïlji.

On a final note, you can find more free stories from some of the above mentioned authors and one from Kim Young-ha here.

Enjoy your Korean literature!

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